Coffins and Caskets

Coffins and Caskets

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of coffins ranging from understated yet dignified coffins, solid wood coffins, eco-friendly coffins, through to personalised picture coffins that can echo your loved one's hobbies or interests.

All our coffins are fitted in our own workshop at Willington to your specification.

Please see a small selection of our coffins below:

Wood Effect Coffins

This is a small selection of our wood effect coffins which are constructed and polished to a high standard. They have been chosen to reproduce the most popular woods for example light oak effect in the Morpeth, elm effect in the Cambridge and mahogany effect in the Kensington.

The Morpeth

The Cambridge

Veneered Coffins

This is just a small selection of our range of extensive veneered coffin available in various veneered styles and stains. The staining achieves a wide range of differing wood effects.




Solid Wood Coffins




Semi-solid wood Coffins



Country Range Coffins

Oval Willow

Golden Wicker

Banana Leaf

Natural Legacy Wool Coffins

Natural Wool Grey

Natural Wool White

Picture Coffins

'A picture is worth a thousand words’ and ‘every image tells a story’ are sayings we hear from time to time so we would like to offer our families an opportunity to create a personalised picture coffin. Whether you choose a sporting theme, a landscape or something more abstract, our manufacturer's design service will guarantee a picture coffin that is truly personal.  We also provide an Ashes Casket or Scatter Tube to match the design.




Ashes Caskets, Urns, Scatter Tubes and Keepsakes

Our families often ask us for advice regarding their loved ones ashes.  There are different options for you to consider.  You may have been told what you loved one wants to happen with their ashes or you may have to decide amongst yourselves.  Either way we will help and guide you.

Sometimes when we arrange the funeral our families already know what they want to happen, other times they are not ready.


If you would prefer to have the ashes scattered at the crematorium we can discuss this with you.  If you would prefer to scatter them at a place that had special meaning to you and your loved one we can place the ashes in one of our scatter tubes which are designed for you to release the ashes in a dignified manner.


If you come to the decision to bury your loved ones ashes then we can provide an appropriate casket or container for this.  We can supply caskets made from wood, paper or a picture casket along with a service conducted by ourselves or a minister or celebrant.

Ashes at Home

There are two reasons for keeping your loved one’s ashes at home.  One is a source of great comfort; another is you may not as a family have come to a decision as to where they will go. Either way we can help you choose the appropriate container from our range of traditional wooden caskets, ornaments for the home and garden, smaller keepsakes and memorial jewellery.  Ashes jewellery can discreetly hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and provide a great source of comfort to you and your family.

Lesbury Casket

Cuthbert Casket

Corniche Casket

Scatter Tubes Range

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